Monday, April 21, 2008

More Awesome Concert News

On Sunday Stars played a free concert on the lawn behind the student center at NU. They were booked by our student organization combating human trafficking called OneVoice. It was a great find by a student group, and the indie bands visiting this Evanston campus are only increasing, with the news that NiteSkool is bringing Headlights to the Louis Room in May.

Headlights - TV

I'm really excited that we're getting a lot of niche or lesser-known bands on campus, even if they've been blogged about endlessly for years among the hipster community. I could care less whether NU is two years late to the party on Headlights or however many years on Stars, just bringing them to campus shows that groups are turning towards smaller acts instead of relying on big name corporate acts to increase ticket sales and satisfy the diverse music tastes of the whole student body.

Stars - Elevator Love Letter

Our biggest concert event of the year is Dillo Day, which happens at the end of May every year. Normally it's some bigger acts, and this year is no exception, with the announcement that Chicago-born rapper Common is the headliner. I don't really know a lot about his music, but with rumors circulating that Ted Leo & the Pharmacists could be playing does a lot to ease my misgivings about the day descending into an entire lineup I don't particularly enjoy. We'll see what happens, for now enjoy a couple quality tunes, even though they're a bit outdated.

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