Thursday, October 18, 2007

Blast from the Past: Asia in Wonderland

Ok. Storytime:

I went to middle school with the niece of Rob Schneider, Asia. I'm going to let that sink in for a second...yes, the "actor" Rob Schneider. I'll be quite honest, he hasn't done a piece of good acting since Saturday Night Live. I liked him when he was on that show, I thought he was really funny, but apart from a few tiny bits and pieces here and there, he has deteriorated completely as a comic. Then again, most comics do, so I don't really see it as being that different, although Trey Parker and Matt Stone did create the obvious joke about his movie career during South Park.

Anyways, there's no way she remembers me, but from what I recall over the past couple years she finished high school early and moved to southern California to start recording music. Asia and her sister Alex both have music MySpaces, as does every aspiring singer/band/musician in the country, but considering their lineage they probably have a little bit of a leg up on other people trying to break into the industry.

Now, I think the production on their music sounds almost exactly the same. They make different music, but the production doesn't exactly sound like in studio recording, the instruments sound pretty heavily altered. Couple that with the fact that I don't like a lot of general pop music like this and you'll end up knowing I'm not going to rush and and buy a CD by either of them. However, they both have great voices that sound different and work in differnt styles, and I share a hometown with Asia, so this is a little bit of a plug. I'd like to see her succeed, if not only to become an artist in her own right instead of Rob Schneider's neice.

Since only Alex has mp3s to download off her MySpace, I'm going to post one of her songs, but go listen to some of Asia's, they're pretty good.

Alex Schneider - Last Second Chance


Krolik1157 said...

No fucking way. That is some funny shit.

for sale said...

i can do ya one better: rob's daughter elle was my roommate in san diego for 3 months. yeahhhh. and wasn't asia the chick who went to formal with adam leao like freshman year? (don't ask me how/why i would remember that.)


Anonymous said...

Well I do have to comment and say I know that asia is only doing demos so far so thats the reason the music sounds muffled and so-on.. shes also working as a session singer, being hired to sing demos..but i think shes pretty talented, she writes all of her own music plays an instrument, thats far more than her sister does..personally i think asias extremely more talented than alex, but thats just my opinion, im only a family friend..But ive seen first hand that the schneiders are all talented..and i disagree with you on the fact that rob is a horrible comedian, if you only knew! not only is rob a prodigy he also is the person who got lorne micheals from SNL to hire adam sandler, thats why adam is so loyal to rob, he owes him his career.. so maybe you should spend alittle more time on this family before you post such nonsense..

esreverniuoy said...

no worries anonymous, i said rob was good on snl, and he really was. it's only his movie career since then that has had the normal trajectory of comics. he just isn't the one in a million that gets funnier with age like george carlin or something like that. either way, it was just an opinion, not a fact, so no need to feel bent out of shape about it. thanks for the comment.