Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Mid-week Special: Covers, Live Tracks, & B-sides

Okay, so after a little difficulty in figuring out how to actually upload mp3 files so people can download them (if they read this...), I've actually gotten this site up and running.

I got into reading mp3 blogs about a year ago, when a friend of mine introduced me to the hype machine, which you have to be familiar with if you read an mp3 blog. in keeping with some of my favorite blogs, I'm going to start posting some covers, live tracks, or b-sides from my favorite artists that a lot of people don't have.

So, for the first installment of this, I figured I'd kick it off with a doozy, and one of my all-time favorite covers:
Dashboard Confessional's cover of Weezer's unreleased song "Jamie"

This sort of satisfies two parts of the ideas behind these posts, so it makes me happy. This song was recorded by Weezer during the sessions for The Blue Album back in '94, but sadly never made the album. It saw a cd release when The Blue Album deluxe edition came out, but sadly i don't know when the Dashboard cover was recorded. It's a great acoustic cover by Chris, complete with female backing vocal "ooo-ing" in the background. Classic Weezer. Great cover.

Weezer - Jaime
Dashboard Confessional - Jaime(Weezer Cover)

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