Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mid-Week Special: Desperado Revenge covers Get Up Kids

Okay, ever since I went to see my favorite band Daphne Loves Derby play a couple weeks ago, I haven't really stopped playing their music. That happens to me a lot when I see concerts; it was the same when I saw the Hives at the beginning of school in September. On that note, I'm going to put up another, much shorter cover that they did, but in a different way than the live Third Eye Blind cover I posted a while ago.

Kenny Choi, the lead singer/guitarist/songwriter for the band, has had a bunch of solo side projects inbetween Daphne projects. So far he's created Wolftron, Desperado Revenge, Sorry About the Fire, Des Rev (it's different from Desperado Revenge), and cameraphone. This particular cover of the Get Up Kids' "Overdue" used to be attributed to the band as a whole, but is now apparently classified as being a Desperado Revenge song. While the music he makes with Daphne Loves Derby is my favorite, I do like some of the stuff he does on his own. If you check out the Wolftron purevolume site, you can find a free EP called Activate that is the best example of the progression of Kenny's solo work. I remember the first time I saw Daphne Loves Derby live; I went with my dad, and the first thing he said to me after the show was he would be counting down the days until the lead singer went solo because it was his show. While I definately don't agree with that statement having seen the band progress in its live form to be more complete musicians and depending on each other more, I can totally see Kenny doing solo stuff on the side between records for the band.

Here's the cover, along with the original by Get Up Kids. Enjoy:

Daphne Loves Derby - Overdue(Get Up Kids cover)
Get Up Kids - Overdue

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