Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Just to prove...aww, hell with it, here's some Sports

So I've got this friend. He's kind of a big deal. He runs Truth in a Bullet Fedora, one of the blogs over in the links on the right side there. He's what we call an "actual journalist" with a "job." He does a kick-ass job writing about the league most of America hasn't cared about ever since November 19th, 2004 : the NBA. Check him out on his own blog, or here.

For my money, nothing beats football of any kind. While my first love is the European brand which is actually played with feet and the greatest athletes in the world, I will watch any college or NFL game that's on television at any hour of the day, no matter who's playing. There's a reason the NFL is now the most watched pro sports league. MLB lags behind a little, and the NBA is struggling to keep its lead over the return of the NHL, but the NFL is surviving the Michael Vick scandal to continue its dominance over the other pro leagues.

In college football news, my Northwestern Wildcats managed to scrape a 36-31 victory over the Nevada Wolf Pack on Saturday, avenging a loss from last season and pushing their record to 2-0. We've got games against Indiana, Iowa, Michigan State, Eastern Michigan, and a Minnesota team that hasn't seen a great player since Laurence "Kool Aid" Maroney graduated, so we've got a decent shot at a bowl game... but currently we've got more wins than USC, and a win over somebody better than the University of Idaho...but we're gonna get killed by an 0-2 Michigan, Ohio State, and Purdue. It's really lucky that our schedule allows us to avoid Wisconsin and Penn State this year, because we'd get slaughtered there too.

I met coach Pat Fitzgerald when I was on campus for a visit last spring, and he seemed like a really personable guy, with a real will to turn a program that is usually competetive once every four years into a more feared spot on another team's schedule.


Moving onto the football across the pond, my beloved Chelsea lost at Aston Villa last weekend, keeping them from moving to the top of the EPL. Villa Park is the only stadium that Jose Mourinho hasn't yet commanded the Blues to victory in since he became manager.

Also, Germany is a little miffed at the handling of Michael Ballack. Considering how poorly he plays when wearing a Chelsea uniform, I don't really care.

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