Monday, February 18, 2008

(Hopefully) A Return to Form

I thought that Heath Ledger's death would get me back into writing, but I've still neglected to post in the past 3 weeks. Full disclosure: I am currently pledging a fraternity, which eats away at most of my time. It's awesome, but it's a real time-sink, so I haven't been able to write as much as I would like.

Like I posted about before, I started writing for North By Northwestern, an online news site here at Northwestern. I also got some free press from them a day or so ago, which was nice. Besides my article on Ledger and my review for Vampire Weekend below, I've written a review of a Girl Talk show here on campus, and a piece about movie relationships for Valentine's Day. Check 'em out if you feel like it.

In other news, I haven't posted some new songs in a long time, so here's some post-Valentine's Day indie rock for you. Gimme Fiction is my favorite Spoon album, though they seem to be aging like a fine wine.

The other song is by a Swedish singer/songwriter who goes by the name of Hello Saferide. For Northwestern students, the name is shared by our unreliable late-night transportation service, but she's a fantastically simple musician. For some reason I've lately had an obsession with small indie singer/songwriters, which all started with this girl. The song is definitely a bleak view of the day, which until this year I would've shared. At any rate, I like both songs, and I felt the need to post.

Spoon - The Two Sides of Mounsieur Valentine
Hello Saferide - Valentine's Day

Look for a post in the next couple days about last weekend's featured performance from BJ Novak of The Office. You can find an interview with him here, but I'll wait to tell my own personal story about the night later.


Michael said...

Nice to see you getting back in the posting side of things. Looking forward to hearing the Hello Saferide (we have a service here in ABQ called the same thing) and excited (and envious) that you got to see a Girl Talk show and write about it.

esreverniuoy said...

thanks for the positive sentiment, all the links are fixed so hopefully you can listen to the saferide song, its a pretty weird one, but i kind of like it.

Michael said...

Yeah, sweet, listened to it, like it a lot. Gonna check out the rest of her album when I get a chance. However, a question first: where is this track from? I didn't see it on either of the two albums returned under a search on Amazon, did you find it somewhere in particular?