Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mid-Week Special: Michael Cera & Ellen Page Sing Moldy Peaches

As one of my best friends once wrote: rumors of my demise have been great exaggerated.

I'm back from a long hibernation, brought out of the shadows by yesterday's tragic events surrounding the death of Heath Ledger. That sort of gave me the impetus to start writing about these things again, and today I start with a simple song of two people. Michael Cera and Ellen Page, or Paulie Bleeker and Juno McGuff from the Oscar nominated Juno sang this Moldy Peaches cover over the end credits of a film I absolutely loved. I'll be writing about my top films of the year later. It's a great little ditty, very simple, no frills, just the two people singing to each other, and I really love it that way.

Michael Cera & Ellen Page - Anyone Else But You (Moldy Peaches cover)

Hopefully by tomorrow my full reaction to the death of Heath Ledger will be up, though it may just be a link to another site where it's hosted. Thanks.

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ALANFINK said...

As I am thinking about starting a Blog & trying to find the best platform, I was really happy to finish the **AMAZING** "JUNO" & look over at my beautiful girl crying while Ellen (Juno) & Michael (Bleeker) Sang The Most Appropriate & Wonderful Song with their acostic guitars in hand. I immediately had to Google the song that they were playing & your Blog was first to pop up filled with the information that I very much needed to know. I don't know if you will get an email telling you that I commented on the Blog or not, But please come to my Myspace Music Page & Email Me Whenever you happen to see this. Thank You & I Look Forward To Hearing From You.