Monday, December 3, 2007

A Viral Music MySpace?

I was reading Another Form of Relief the other day, and they had a post up about this girl Laura Hocking. She's a Cambridge grad, living and performing in England for a while.

What I was intrigued by was not just that her songs are fantastic, not just that she's giving away fourteen tracks for free downloading, but that she's spread the music out over three different MySpace accounts with three similar names.

From what I can gather the project is titled Laura Sings L*ver, with that * being replaced by an o, e, or i for each of her sites.

The simple guitar+vocals formula works really well; I think she sounds a bit like Regina Spektor with a guitar instead of a piano, what with the quirky sounding voice and staccato delivery. My only complaint is that I wish there was some other place I could find the rest of the songs that belong to the album these free downloads do. If anyone tracks those down, let me know. For now, just take a listen to a few of her songs I really liked, and then go download the rest off of her sites.

Laura Hocking - Leonie Lauder's Morning Jaunt
Laura Hocking - Swim Thru
Laura Hocking - Strongmen and Acrobats

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laurasingsliver said...


Glad you like the music.
It's all home-cooked at the moment, recorded on an ailing laptop with a computer mic from the 90s, while my flatmates sleep.

There aren't, you see, any albums to track down. Keep trying.
The album titles are apocryphal: I just enjoy arranging things into folders. It's bonsai for the soul.

But there WILL be an EP out in April 2008, so stay tuned and don't drop those scissors.