Friday, July 27, 2007

When It Started

Hello and welcome. This is Wildcat Wire, I'm esreverniuoy, and I'll be your guide. After a long time reading a bunch of movie/music/sports blogs and writing for various small local publications about movies and music combined with my departure for Northwestern University in the fall, I decided to start my own blog to spread any word I could about some thoughts. I really like to see actual files posted on blogs a lot, so for the most part it will probably be my own ventures into the music world, but on occasion I will definately post on movies (seeing as how I will be a film major at NU), as well as on various sports. I don't pretend to be a sports world expert like a few friends of mine, but I do know my teams well: Chelsea FC, the greatest football club on the planet, and my Oakland Raiders. I bleed silver and black during NFL season, so beware. I'm a California kid, so I'm definately a hometown fan for baseball (Giants, A's), basketball (Warriors), and hockey (Sharks), so posts could come out of nowhere on those topics.

For the most part, I'm a gigantic indie rock fan. Sometime I'll post about the bands/songs that really got me into music, but the idea that I like rock music, old and new, pretty much sums up my immediate tastes. That in no way means that I don't listen to other music; my music library has rap, world music, a tiny bit of country, electronica, and my fair share of classical music. I try a lot of music, and almost never say no to a suggestion of putting on a new band/song from a friend or acquantaince.

I'll get a proper first post up sometime soon, with some mp3s to go along with it. If the links don't work at some point in time, just comment or email me, and I'll work out a way to get them fixed. I don't have a server with bandwith at all, so I'm looking into other avenues of getting hosting, so bear with me. Thanks, and here's to a good start.

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